Discussing pitfalls and roadblocks to successful recruiting with colleagues at a recent HR event, we were introduced to a company with a compelling solution for recruiting, resume review, and applicant tracking that reduces recruitment workload while improving talent matching and culture fit in the hiring process.

Enter MosaicTrack

MosaicTrack is a smart recruiting solution that leverages the cognitive power of artificial intelligence to read through your resumes and social profiles to find the best talent based on culture fit and skill set. No surveys or questionnaires to complete.
Deep machine learning and natural language processing algorithms are employed to pre-qualify applicants to increase the quality of the people you interview, and reduce the hours spent by the hiring team reviewing resumes.
Customers have found MosaicTrack to bein choosing the candidates who will be asked to interview by the hiring team. This means, if you submit 10 resumes, 8 may be asked to interview.

Save Time

Spend your time recruiting people, not monotonously reading through resumes. Let MosaicTrack suggest the top candidates based on team culture and skill. You will see an increase in: candidate quality, interview requests, and employee retention.

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