Webinar: How to Navigate Today’s Dynamic Team-Focused Organizations with the Modern Org Chart

2019-05-20T13:05:26-08:00March 9th, 2017|Company News, Expert Advice, Uncategorized, Webinars|

How to navigate today’s dynamic team-focused organizations with the modern org chart The way we work has changed. Information now flows through networks rather than hierarchies. And simple hierarchical reporting structures have been replaced with a functional matrix where each employee may have several bosses at the same time. As our workplaces continue [...]

How to Avoid Skill Shortages in Your Organization

2017-05-09T12:40:40-08:00November 18th, 2016|Expert Advice, Industry News|

How to Avoid Skill Shortages in Your Organization Joe Kolinger presented this webcast at HR.com recently: Protecting your company from skill shortages is a ubiquitous problem. Today, many companies are facing a common problem – they have plenty of “data” about their talent, but what they don’t have is a way to get useful information [...]

Let MosaicTrack™ Help You Identify Top Quality Candidates

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Discussing pitfalls and roadblocks to successful recruiting with colleagues at a recent HR event, we were introduced to a company with a compelling solution for recruiting, resume review, and applicant tracking that reduces recruitment workload while improving talent matching and culture fit in the hiring process. Enter MosaicTrack MosaicTrack is a smart recruiting solution that [...]

Visualizing, Talent Mapping, and Analyzing to Optimize Workforce Planning

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Visualizing, Talent Mapping, and Analyzing to Optimize Workforce Planning For one company, advance warning of talent gaps gave management leverage to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and reduce flight risks by using a unique visualization. We’re in trouble. “I can’t tell you how many status reports I get telling me everything is just fine,” confided [...]