OfficeWork’s Approach to Change

To execute a transformation effectively and efciently we believe you need to examine, visualize and manage your organization’s change in a way that can be:

  • Clearly communicatedOrganization Transformation Cycle
  • Adapted to business needs
  • Monitored and evaluated through to completion

Over the last 10 years our clients range from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, IBM and Salesforce to mid-sized companies and non-pro ts. Our expertise lies in helping companies to customize their organization structure in response to business or market changes such as:

  • Mergers and Integrations
  • Divestments
  • Elimination of a facility or location
  • Outsourcing
  • Optimization
  • Startup or New Line of Business

Your Partner in the Organization Design Process

Leveraging our expertise in organization visualization within your projects will facilitate a more complete and quicker understanding of potential solutions. The process of getting your data turned into useful organization change information is a key result of our process.

Let OfficeWork work for you

By using our specialty in design, data handling and visual modeling resources to provide a real time view of a current or new structure, you are better able to focus on prototyping, planning and implementing structural changes. Leveraging our expertise across the entire Organization Design Process has been proven to give repeatable success to our clients through developing custom views of the organization that are easily communicated and monitored.

Establish a Baseline

First you need to understand your current organizational structure relative to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Visualize & Model

The next step requires developing a design for the organization with the right talent to support the business goals.

Transition towards Success

Here’s where you execute the plan to reassign personnel and update the HR Systems.

Monitor & Adjust

Changes require ongoing attention to see if the plan is paying off and adjustments to optimize the results.

Our Proven Methodology

Using our expertise, the visualization and reorganization effort becomes streamlined, saving time and increasing stakeholder buy-in. Realigning the new organization becomes straight forward and attaining your business goals is now within reach.

What Client’s Say

“The flexibility of OrgChart for Visio allows for display customization to meet our org chart needs. Additionally, customer service and support is attentive, and timely with fixes/enhancements to resolve issues or make the program more specifically suited to our needs.”
Ford Motor Company
“I have greatly enjoyed working with OrgChart Pro and OrgChart for Visio… which have saved me countless hours of work. All along the way, the team at OfficeWork was there to answer my questions and solve even my craziest problem. It really feels like they are partners in helping me get my project completed – the customer service and support is truly remarkable.”
“OrgChart Professional makes it easy to create and update charts and has many features such as import capabilities from Excel that have make it a valuable tool for creating and maintaining our company’s charts. We are extremely pleased.”
Fidelity Investments

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